Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Faith and Sunshine

As we look forward to our Outflow service project this weekend, we are working behind the scenes to prepare. As you may know, we plan to cancel our normal Sunday worship time on May 20 and go out and serve our community.

We will go to two local marinas on Belews Lake and give out pool noodles, wash windshields, pick up trash and serve in any other ways we can. There’s no hidden agenda. We are simply trying to share God’s love with our community. God loves everyone, but not everyone knows it. So we are giving and serving to show God’s love.

Now, Sunday morning at the marina can be a very lonely place, if it is raining. We won’t find anybody there to serve. This community service time does depend on the weather. But we are moving ahead in faith. We believe that God will take care of the weather. I have been very encouraged as we have planned the event, because we are looking ahead with eyes of faith. “Let’s just trust God to take care of the weather,” people are saying.

We are willing to plow ahead with a plan, knowing that we can’t control one critical variable. But we do know that we can trust God. Even if the weather is rotten on Sunday, God is worthy of our trust.

Admittedly, we are not betting the farm on good weather. We do have a rain plan. But when it comes time to lay it all on the line as we follow Jesus in faith, we need to be ready trust him. We need to follow him into situations that could turn disastrous if he doesn’t show up.

Of course it’s safer not to take any risks. But then we would never see the glory of God revealed in our lives.

Trusting God to take care of the weather, rain or shine, is a relatively small thing. But will we trust him with that financial decision, that difficult choice we must make, that career move, that difficult conversation? Will we trust him with our time and our abilities?

Let’s work on trusting him with the small things. Let’s prepare to trust him with the big things. Let’s expect to see him at work in amazing ways!