Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Advice of Friends

I read that that the governor of New York has admitted soliciting the services of a call girl. That’s not good news. Apparently he has always given the impression that he lives morally.

His wife sounds like a wonderful woman. She is very intelligent, well educated and a devoted wife and mother. Her husband should be ashamed of himself, and he apparently is.

That is all tragic enough. But the press is also reporting that the wife’s friends are urging her to take her three children and leave the governor. Several things about this seem strange to me. First, what business do these friends have telling the press how they advise their friend? That should be a private matter between friends, not a headline on a news Web site.

Second, shouldn’t these friends encourage the wife to stay with her husband? If there had been a pattern of abusive, irresponsible behavior, that would be another matter. From the little I have read, this act of unfaithfulness doesn’t appear to be a pattern.

Third, shouldn’t the friends let the betrayed wife work through her own emotions, rather than dumping on her suggestions that she may not want to consider? A friend is someone who encourages you to do the right thing. A friend is someone who offers emotional support, helping you work through your own decisions.

Obviously I don’t know enough about the whole situation to condemn anything but the governor’s adulterous actions. It just surprised me to see how quickly the friends responded to the press to offer their opinions. And of course the press is eating it up. And, yes, I read the article…