Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's in Store

On Friday, my family had a real treat. We went shopping in Stokesdale’s very own Dollar General Store. Having lived in cities, I know what it is to take shopping for granted. But since 1988, I have lived off the beaten path.

So, stepping into the new Dollar General Store, a mere three miles from my house, seemed like a dream come true. No longer would we have to drive to Greensboro or Madison to find household items. Storage tubs, greeting cards, box fans, coolers, toiletries, socks, jeans, food: it’s all there.

My 14-year-old said that it was like stepping into Greensboro. My children have never lived in a city. We went from aisle to aisle, begging each other to come see what treasure we had found.

We also had a fun mission. A young man in our church just moved out on his own and needs the usual housekeeping items. Our church conspired to buy him lots of supplies and surprise him at our worship time on Sunday. So, in preparation for the great surprise, we browsed the isles at Dollar General saying, “Oh, let’s get him this. Oh, let’s get him that!” It was the most fun we’ve ever had buying brooms and flashlights.

I was glad to see such a heart for giving in my children.

Then on Sunday we surprised this young man with loads of towels, trash cans, utensils, food, etc., etc. It is hard to find this fellow speechless, but when he saw what we had done, he was. It was a blessing to me to see how the people of Crossroads got so fired up about helping this man. God has done a work in him, and we have seen it unfold over the years.

I believe this is Jesus wants his followers to do.