Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Catching Up

Soon I plan to get my Facebook account set up. Everywhere I hear about people’s Facebook pages. A friend in Florida told me last summer that I really should connect that way. Yeah, yeah, I thought. Now even my technophobe friends are signing up. Our church, reportedly, even has a Facebook page. And I thought I was so slick for blogging.

Some friends are also after me to begin Twittering – or is it Tweeting? I don’t even text much from my cell phone. But this is all the wave of the future, I understand.

Actually, I have been wanting to start a Facebook page for some time. I even tried it one time, and I never received the confirmation email. I can’t let that stop me. It seems too important to skip.

We just moved into a new house over the weekend – only a couple of miles from our last address – and so everything seems new. It may be the perfect time to begin some new techie habits. Soon I’ll be referring you to my Facebook page. Heh, Heh.