Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blogging or 'Booking?

I have noticed that since I began Facebooking, I have cut back on my blog posts. Coincidence? I don’t think so. Blogging is a way to share thoughts, both profound and inane. Facebook is a way to keep up with friends’ lives. And people can share profound thoughts there, too.

I try to check up on people by Facebook regularly, and post “what’s on my mind” every couple of days.

During my daily life I am constantly thinking, “That would be a great thought for my blog.” Sometimes the ideas evaporate, and sometimes when I try to articulate them, they don’t seem all that important after all.

I heard about a teen blogger – one that my older daughter follows – who committed to try to blog every day for a month. If blogging is about sharing life, then that’s a pretty good goal. I always want to share more often on my blog, but time slips away.

I just don’t want my life to be like that, slipping away without my doing the most important things. It takes a mind and heart in tune with the Holy Spirit, to do what really matters. That’s a goal worth trusting him for. (Not striving for. Striving always gets me worn out and wrung out, and doesn’t do much for the Kingdom.)