Friday, June 19, 2009


Sometimes you hear about something once, for the first time, and then you seem to hear about it everywhere.  My neighbor told me last night that she had bought a "Kindle" for her 13-year-old son.  A what?  She explained it to me in general terms.

Then I got a junk email today saying that I could win a free Kindle.  OK.  Now I need to find out about this.  I found on Amazon some descriptions of it.  One commenter on the video description said that the Kindle is to books what the iPod is to music.  Now you can take it anywhere, any time.  

With this electronic device, you can buy any book on Amazon, instantly, from anywhere.  No Wi Fi needed.  No monthly subscription fees at all.  Just buy books.  It reads, they say, like a real book with ink on paper.  The screen has no backlighting.  

You can subscribe to newspapers with the device, too.  Pretty amazing.  I am looking forward to getting one of these puppies.  But I'm counting on the price coming down from $285 to something cheaper.

I could get more books without needing more bookshelf space.  That sounds really good.  But can I underline and make notes on the pages?