Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Thoughts

Here are a few random thoughts about Christmas. 

The most profound event of history is God's intervention in the world of humanity.  The Creator came to live among his creatures.  He still intervenes today with his Spirit, and it is still most profound.

Christmas is the season of peace and joy, but the traditions of the season seem to squeeze out the peace and joy.  Even if we had time to relax and celebrate, we might try to fill it up with busyness. 

If Jesus were to celebrate Christmas, I wonder what he would do.  I imagine that he would do something nontraditional, counter cultural.  He might not even decorate his house.  To be sure, his celebration would be selfless, showing God's love.

We need regular events to get us out of the routine.  Sometimes we hear God speak the best when we are a little off-balance in life.  Christmas celebrations help break up the mundane rituals of daily life, so that we can have time to reflect. 

I want to hear God speak, and see God work this Christmas.