Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Our Day

We have an interesting tradition.  Years ago, my older daughter suggested that we have an annual "Bailey Day."  The suggestion came in January, and so I looked for a good way to take time off work and take time with family.  Martin Luther King Day seemed like a great time to devote to family.  I think that MLK himself would approve.

Every year we take time to do something special:  go to a museum, take in a movie, make something together.  This year we drove around NW Greensboro, looking for objects to photograph.  Our mission was to find objects that looked like the letters of our last name.  We can print and frame them, then hang them in the house.  It helps that our name is only six letters long, by the way. 

Well, we had a hard time finding our first letter.  We stopped at Harris Teeter for a snack.  We brought it to the car, and when Lisa opened the package, I said, "It's a B!"  Yes, these Oreo Cakesters came out stuck together, the perfect object for our letter collection.  (They are actually pretty good to eat, too.)

We went on to get all six letters, although our "L" is pretty pitiful.  You would think that would be the easiest letter of all...

We were looking for something, but didn't expect to find it in a cookie package.  If you are looking for something, maybe you'll find it where you least expect it.