Monday, February 14, 2011

Supernatural Valentine

Listening to the radio today, I have heard lots of Valentine's wishes.  It is fun to have a day dedicated to sharing our love with the important people in our lives.

Today it dawned on me that we could also express our love for God on Valentine's Day.  He has certainly shared his love with us.  It might cheapen the work of Jesus on the cross to describe his Passion as God's Valentine to us.  How can you compare the sacrifice of the Son of God to a dozen roses and a box of chocolates?

But if we wanted to give a Valentine to Jesus, how would we do that?  Talk about the man who has everything...

We could show a kindness to a stranger or a needy person.
We could stand against injustice.
We could write him a love letter.
We could take an hour to spend with him, listening and opening our hearts to him.
We could commit to start a new habit (and ask him to help us follow through).
We could get naked spiritually before him, risking the shame, but knowing that he loves us just as we are.
We could enjoy him, staring into his eyes, melting in his arms.

Happy Valentine's Day, Jesus.