Sunday, February 26, 2012

Date Time!

At a Luau in Maui, for our 20th anniversary, 2006

Our marriage retreat at Crossroads was a great time of investment in relationship.  The Feltses shared great information about marriage, from the scriptures, from science, from years of counselling, and from their personal experiences.

Here are a couple of my take-aways: 

Lisa and I need to use some communication tools to deal with sticky issues.  The process they shared works very well, and it helped us yesterday as we began talking about some important issues.

Second, we need to get very creative in planning our dates.  They need to be more than just dinner and a movie.  We can get very clever and elaborate, even without spending tons of money.  We can take turns planning the dates, choosing to do something the other would enjoy. 

This is going to be fun!