Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Notes on Amendment 1

The state of North Carolina has taken a lot of heat since passing Amendment 1 last week.  The amendment provides that marriages recognized in the state can only be between one man and one woman. 

After the election, the whole nation seems to be looking at us.  As far as the media are concerned, North Carolina voters are stupid and backwards.  Oddly, the media rarely mention that NC now joins the ranks of 30 other states with similar constitutional laws in place.

It seems that the media want to paint the picture that NC is way out of step with most of the country.  Actually, it looks like we are very much in step with most of the country.

But then, we are on dangerous ground when we believe that morality can be determined by majority vote.  Most states ban gay marriage, but that doesn't prove that it is wrong.  And when polls seem to say that most Americans favor gay marriage, that doesn't mean that it is right.

Ultimate truth is not determined by majority vote.  Suppose by majority vote we legalized murder.  Would murder then be right?  Morality is really based on something beyond human opinion.  When we can make right things wrong and wrong things right by merely voting, we live in a bizarre world where campaigning and media blitzes determine "truth."

I prefer real truth.