Friday, July 6, 2012

Letting Go

Today I am with my wife and daughter for freshman orientation at Campbell University.  The process of letting go has begun. 

Yes, I know that I have been letting go gradually for years.  I am now comfortable with her driving by herself, studying by herself, going to movies with friends.

But this is really bringing it home.  She will probably never really live at home with us again.  Our house will just be a temporary resting place between semesters, a rest stop and a point of reference.

At least I hope that is the case.  I don't want her living with me and Lisa when she's 27. 

There's the tension:  I want her to grow up and move away, but, well, I'm going to miss her.  I feel sorry for the parents who don't like their kids.  They can't wait for them to be gone.  Not me.  I like both my daughters, and like to be with them.  At least I'm not losing both of them at the same time.

Sometimes growing up hurts, even when you are 50.  But it's worth it.