Monday, August 19, 2013

Selfishness or Sensitivity?

Jase Robertson has some lessons in civility to teach us. 

He recently was escorted out of the Trump International Hotel in New York City.  The Robertson family was in NYC to promote the new season of their A & E TV series, “Duck Dynasty.”  As they were checking in, Jase asked a hotel staff member to help him find the restroom.  The hotel worker escorted him out to the street, pointed him down the road and said, “Good luck.”

Jase took the insult in stride, dismissing it as a case of “facial profiling.”  The hotel doesn’t typically find guests with long, full beards and camouflage pants.

Here’s what we can learn.  Jase was clearly insulted.  But he chose not to be offended.  He doesn’t even want the hotel staff member to get in trouble.

Meanwhile, others in our country are constantly searching for reasons to take offense.  They take offense, where no offense was ever intended.  They assert their “right” not to be offended.

Looking for offenses is really a form of selfishness.  If it’s all about me, and you fail to realize that, then you are at fault.  Everyone should change to keep from offending me.

Or we could live like Jase.  We can laugh it off, move on, and care about one another.  Wouldn't that change the climate in our culture?