Monday, February 24, 2014

Lego Movie Review

Oh snap!  This is a fun movie.  I don't write many movie reviews, so I will try not to spoil anything.  Here's what I like about the Lego Movie:
  • It's fast moving.  It's a toy version of an action movie.
  • It's witty.  There are a lot of clever plays on words, with humor for adults and kids.
  • It's ironic.  The dialogue and the action kept me guessing all the way through.  I did not see that coming... 
  • It has a great script.  It all fits together and makes sense.  The toy characters actually develop.
  • It has a good message.  People are by nature creative.  That's worth celebrating. 
  • The voices are good.  I can't imagine acting for an animated creature, but these actors pull it off.
And I had a really good date, too, so that makes everything good.