Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Good Thing about Ebola

The growing threat of ebola sends chills down our spines, and hopefully not fever chills.  It is the latest crisis to capture our national attention.  It is becoming an international cause for alarm.  But with this enemy, we have an opportunity to rally together.
  • Everyone wants to eradicate ebola.  We can work together.
  • Ebola is not a political issue.  It affects people without respect to nationality, sexual orientation, race or political affiliation.  Unfortunately some try to drag politics into the debate, but the disease is truly a common enemy.
  • Fighting the disease gives opportunity to serve selflessly.  The body of Christ can truly show the love of Christ.
  • Ebola reminds us of human limitations of understanding and medical intervention.  There will always be mystery in this universe.  We need to keep learning, but we will never know everything.
  • Ebola may drive us to our knees in prayer.  Jesus is the healer.  We need him.
  • Government cannot solve all our problems.  Government is necessary, but is led by imperfect people with imperfect policies and solutions. 
The good thing about ebola is that it reminds us of our limitations and provides us an opportunity to work together.

I reserve the right later to say that there is no good thing about ebola.