Friday, September 16, 2016

Why We Need a Breakthrough

We all need a breakthrough. Life is more than survival and accumulating things. God can break through to us so that we see what really matters, what life is really all about.

This is why you need a breakthrough:

  1. This broken world is a closed system, except for the revelation and intervention of God.
  2. Unless something jars us into new ways of thinking and doing, we will march on mindlessly in our daily drudgery.
  3. Drudgery leads to an unfulfilled life of regret.
  4. Life's interruptions are times when God can break through to us.
  5. These interruptions can wake us up to a better life, if we are tuned in to Jesus.

We need breakthroughs regularly in life. Life gets better when we get better (says motivational speaker Brian Tracy), and we can't really get any better without taking life to the next level. Those life leaps take place when God breaks through to us.

In our Breakthrough series, beginning this Sunday, we will learn to find and harness those Breakthrough moments of life!