Friday, May 31, 2024

Somebody's got to say it

Governments often do bad things. They set things up to benefit the powerful and leads to oppression of the masses. They fail to bring justice and allows people on the margin to suffer. Often government rewards corruption. Someone needs to speak up. 

This is nothing new. Governments have always had such problems. Even good, honorable people can be corrupted when given power. History is full of these stories. The Bible tells plenty of stories of corrupt leaders and unfair economic systems. And the Bible includes voices who call out these abuses.

These voices are the prophets. They are the loyal critics who name names and point out hypocrisy and injustice. Sometimes the prophets' complaints get tiresome. Sometimes they give hope to the oppressed. Most often the prophets are ignored by the people in power. On rare occasions, the powerful hear and respond.

As you read the historical accounts in the Bible, you will find so much corruption in the kings and priests. Keep reading and you will find the prophets who call out the sins and urge the leaders to repent.

We need more voices calling out evil and corruption here today. And I expect every bit of repentance that we found the biblical stories.