Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Day 3 by the Youth Group

Kristen: Hey everybody miss ya all! Hope you guys are havng fun without me. I MISS YOU DAWN!! Have a great time and make sure that you miss me. I went Jogging with stacy and Daniel. It was fun! Today we got to swim at the camp I was working at. I am ready for bed and soo tired! Boredom will overwhelm me for today but tomorrow we are going on a tarp water slide at the camp! I am pretty excited about that! I met a little girl named Taylor who was four. She was so cute. We had only been hanging out for like 20 minutes at the pool and she was already swimming with me and hugging me. She is nothing like Dawn(dawn’s way better) but she was cute. She gets kind of attached easily but she was nice. Any ways…I miss you all and I an’t wait to get back home. I’m a little home sick so I am looking forward to being with mom. My foot is asleep right now so I have to go and loosen it up. Love you all! BYE!!!!

Daniel: This morning Stacey, Kristin, and I went running down Main Street in Canadaiga. We finished up at the school and church today. Tomorrow we are going to paint a fence for an elderly lady. The principal took us out for ice cream. Love Y’all.

Becky: Today has been good so far I’m just totally waiting for bedtime to get here. Anyways ummm I played poker with a guy named Bob and he’s total cheat and I beat two people at war…yay! Tomorrow we’re going to wal-mart and I’m totally broke well not really but I might as well be. But hey that’s cool. I’m having a blast. Ok well that’s all for now peeps…showin some southern love. Peace out.

Cecily: Today my crew continued working at the assisted living place. I helped vacuum the dining area and play a horse racing game. We also had the senior “store” today. That’s where the owner goes to the actually dollar store and buys things for the residents that cant get out and they get the opportunity to but those things from him. We set 4 tables up with stuff and we had a great turnout. I also learned how to say I love you in polish!! Tonight I have a surprise for the youth group!! They don’t know it yet but tonight in our devotion time with all the groups combined.. not only do I get to do a drama with a couple other kids, but I get to cheer with this guy named T.J. It is our all-star salute to Jesus. Only 2 kids get to do it a night. Im excited.

Stacey: Today Susan[our volunteer leader from the nursing home] took us to the “beach”. Joyce and I fell asleep on the picnic tables. Our crew finished all of our tasks at the nursing home and now we think we are just going to get to relax…hopefully. At the “beach” today we walked in the water and then we went to see a lighthouse. We got to climb up to the top of it. [52 steps!] This morning, Daniel, Kristine, and I went running down Main Street for about 2 miles. [my cross country training!] We got up at about 5 in the morning..ahh. well I love y’all.

Stephanie: Hey! Yesterday, we went to lake Onana. The water was freezing cold! The bottom was pure gravel all the way out in the middle. When I went under water, it felt like I was diving into an ice block. Then, we went to Applebee’s and played telephone. It was way fun!! Today was fun (again). I played with the kids some more and there’s one girl named Elena who doesn’t speak any English at all. I was teaching her how to say stuff in English like nose and mouth and eyes and stuff and all of a sudden she just jumped in my lap and hugged me. It was sooooooo sweet!!! Then, in the afternoon, I painted a little and then I shoveled gravel from one pit to another for no apparent reason. It’s been a pretty good day but my crew leader just got rushed to the hospital in an ambulance for bad stomach pain like two seconds ago, though, so PLEASE pray for him. Also, there is a guy here who, every time he opens his mouth, talks badly about “you southern people”. It gets on my nerves so bad!!!! I am so gonna sleep good tonight!!!!!!!! So much has happened! Well, hope y’all are doing well at home. Luv ya!!

Ken: What a day!!! It is soooo hot and humid, but we have had a great time at the Assisted Living home. We worked very hard, but also had time to visit. The youth in my crew are having such great life experiences by visiting with the residents. Last night we had our free night, and we went to Onanda Park,, and out to eat at Applebee’s. The group really bonded, especially during dinner (telephone). We also had a great devotion time covering the topic of Love. The youth really amaze me with their willingness to be open and share some really special experiences and feelings. Thank all of you for trusting us with your kids. They are really growing closer together and closer to God. I can not wait to see everybody when we get home.
Love ya!!

Kathie: Today was spent clearing wisteria vine and trimming trees. The owners and tenants are so appreciative of everything we have done. In my opinion, I have the best crew around. All the teens are such hard workers, and the other adult is a fun guy to be with. We are having the best time teasing and laughing, and our devotions after lunch are really deep. I can’t believe that tomorrow is the last work day!

Brianna: Hey yall Stokesdale country folk!!! I miss you soooooo much!!!!! But it wont be long till I see ya again!!!!!! GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
I got to play UNO all day today and we were barely ever outside! And we talked to this guy named FRED and he really appreciated us being his “audience”. He said he really loved us. It was kinda neat cuz we were mostly doing outside work till today and we never really got to talk to the veterans that much. So I had a good day!!! Hope I get back home to a nice big pack of happy and healthy friends and family!!!! 

Lisa: Today my crew cleaned out the food pantry at the agency we’ve been helping. (They have a mouse problem; it is apparently my destiny to deal with mice and food stores!) We also delivered lunches again to the kids. My group has lots of fun together, and some seriously deep discussions. Today the theme is “peace”, and we talked about how peace is not just the absence of conflict, but something much more abiding; it’s a wholeness of spirit that only comes from Christ. We discussed ways to have Christ’s peace even in the midst of hard/uncomfortable times. All our youth are doing GREAT, and everyone is well and happy. (We have our share of headaches, sore muscles, and sleep deprivation, but all in all life is good!!) I don’t know who is having the BEST time, but nobody is having a bad time!

Lauren: Today wasn’t the best day, didn’t feel all too well, but HEY! No complaints. Another day at Avalanche Ranch [*insert wahoo here]. We went to the lake afterward, and I got one of them farmer’s tans. Well, I don’t know what to say really, but don’t get me wrong it’s been the time of my life, and it was so worth coming. In fact, if the whole church could come it would be worth it. I feel better now, this is kind of a waste of space for those who read this, I know how boring he is. I feel a little better now, well chao.

David: God is turning our youth group into a bunch of crazy people. But that’s OK. It’s a lot of fun! The fun has helped us cope with the heat. (It’s never this hot here, except of course when we are here.) My crew finished staining the deck around the swimming pool today. While we were working, the man’s dog (actually his son’s) got stung by hornets nested inside the dog’s kennel. The dog could not escape until he braved the bugs and opened the gate. Poor dog got stung maybe a hundred times. They took him to the vet, who gave the dog Benedryl. We prayed for the dog (Wesley). I hope this will be a witness of God’s compassion to the man and his family.
Meredith: I don’t have a whole lot to say today. So um hi. And uhhh tomorrows the last day. Uhmmm bye bye.