Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Getting It Right

Some of today’s college graduates are approaching life from a different perspective. When I finished college in 1984, my friends and I were looking for first jobs or going on to graduate school. While lots of people still think like that, some graduates are challenging the prevailing assumptions.

You have to have a job. You have to do what pays well. You need to have insurance and benefits.

After all, you can’t just pick up and go to Africa, for crying out loud. Well, it’s not quite that simple, but the Littletons (for whom we had the special concert of prayer last Sunday) did spend six months as newlyweds on another continent. Their experience has changed the trajectory of their entire lives. They are working to adopt two African children, which will obviously change their lives. (See their blog at www.thelittletonfamily.blogspot.com.) here

But with or without adopting, they will have a completely different outlook on life. They can look more objectively at their priorities and the needs of the world. They are willing to find ways to serve, rather than ways to make money. Life is about serving and giving, and they have been living it. They are seeking first the kingdom of heaven, just like Jesus said.

My generation believed in seeking God’s kingdom first, but we assumed that the traditional routes of earning a living were essential along the way. Maybe earning a living really can take second place to serving God. Even if we don’t sell everything, give it to the poor and go live in a third world country, maybe we can make some serious adjustments to our lives and thoughts. For a start, we could change the way we spend our leisure time and disposable income.

We need to challenge our assumptions and get serious about seeking God’s kingdom first. It’s actually more fun that way.