Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Power Wash

Sunday was a perfect day to share God’s love in a practical way. At the Stokesdale Sunoco, we had about 25 people serving at our “Dollar Car Wash.” We had a steady line of cars for most of the afternoon as we scrubbed and rinsed.

It was a great lesson about serving and giving.

Some people were quite particular about how their cars were washed. One man kept giving us pointers for cleaning, and then produced his own towels for drying. He was, like everyone else, most surprised after the job, when he learned the terms of our Dollar Car Wash.

We accepted no money, but gave every customer a dollar, saying, “Thank you for letting us wash your car. This is our way of showing you God’s love in a practical way.” Some people insisted on giving us money. We told them to find someone who needs the money and give it to them instead. For a church to be so giving was something that no one expected. A couple of people came to tears at the thought that God loved them so.

Sharing God’s love is an incredible experience. So many in our world have never known, or have forgotten his love. Certainly, for many it is hard to believe. Tough times, hurtful relationships, health problems, financial hardships – they all seem like evidence that God doesn’t love us. But he really does. When people see that God loves them, they can receive his gift of forgiveness and life. For some people, it is a long process. That’s why we need to share his love.

And it’s FUN!