Monday, November 5, 2007

Good Bye, Freddie

Our beta fish, Freddie, passed away yesterday. He was a very happy fish, as far as we could tell. He was rather old, apparently. We received this fish after a wedding in September 2005. Freddie was one of the table decorations – in a bowl, of course. Several more of his kind also served in this capacity. These other fish were also given to children after the wedding, but they all died within a few weeks.

Freddie was very colorful – blue, orange, gold, purple. He was careful not to eat too much, and we helped him watch his diet. He observed most of our meals from the vantage of the kitchen counter. Occasionally I would speak to him, and he very much appreciated the attention. We had a toy fish sitting next to his bowl, and the two seemed to get along swimmingly.

Good old Freddie lived two years and two months. A couple of months ago we noticed that his color was not good. He seemed less active than usual. Fortunately we could see the end coming. So could the people who fish-sat for us recently, when we were out of town. They were understandably relieved that Freddie did not expire on their watches.

We said a few words ceremonially this morning as we disposed of his remains. The big question, of course, is whether we will see Freddie again in heaven. I’ll have to trust God on that one. All creation gives glory to God, including our dearly departed.

Of course, if pets show up in heaven, I could be in trouble. My grandmother’s cat, Tiger, could be there. I used to pull his tail and then wonder why he would run from me. I might have to give an answer for my misguided zeal for friendship.