Saturday, November 15, 2008

Prayers for the President

             Now that Barak Obama has been elected president, he needs our prayers more than ever.  Certainly every president needs prayer support, but our nation is facing unusual challenges today.  With wars abroad and economic crises at home, we need solid leadership.

             The president-elect will certainly discover that it is hard to deliver on every campaign promise.  He made, it seems to me, sweeping promises to fix every ill in the country, with the power of the government.  It won’t be so easy.

             I hope that he will find that Christ followers are praying for him with energy and expectation.  Many Americans have such high expectations, it may be nearly impossible to fulfill them.

             Here is my prayer:  that Americans praying for Obama will renew or discover their relationship with Jesus, and that our new president will be overwhelmed by the power of God. 

             If Obama will follow Christ and let the Lord change his heart – and some of his policies – he could be one of our greatest presidents.  Such is the power of God released through his people humbly seeking his face.