Friday, November 21, 2008

Soul Exploration

Friends can help us figure out our emotions.  I read a story recently about a man who felt discouraged, and he couldn’t understand why.  He invited his friends to help him sort through his situation.  They asked him questions about his circumstances, thoughts, and feelings.  It turned out that he had recently buried a friend, and he was simply coping with that.  He suspected that his loss had left him drained and possibly confused.  But his friends helped him clear up the confusion, and they supported him as he worked through it.


The friends knew what questions to ask.  They cared enough to dig deeply.  As true friends, they wanted to discover the source of the anxiety.  The writer said that his friends helped him explore his soul.


What if we all had a few friends who would help us explore our souls?  They could help us dig down to our deepest thoughts, desires and feelings.  The more I get in touch with the deep things in my soul, the more fulfilled my life is. 


But for some reason, it is difficult to invite someone to take such a penetrating look into my soul.  It has to be someone I trust.  It has to be someone who cares about me.  It has to be someone with whom I can share my deepest longings. 


There are a few people in my life like that.  I just need the courage to invite them to go exploring with me.  I would gladly do so for someone else.  I think they would gladly do it for me.  I wonder what I’m afraid of…