Monday, September 21, 2009

Quantum Faith

God takes our faith to new levels. Usually it happens in leaps. That's where we are at Crossroads. As God leads us to find new meeting space, we are suddenly looking at purchasing a building. We have to take our commitment to new levels.

Lots of people are stepping up with the effort already. People are dreaming about the possibilities, planning how to give, organizing fund raising events, offering to do construction work. This process is a fantastic opportunity to trust Jesus. He tells us to ask him for anything for his kingdom, and he will do it.

Maybe it would be more comfortable if our faith could grow gradually. But so often God thrusts us into new territory. And we just have to rise to the occasion. His Spirit gives us the power we need.

Our faith is taking Quantum leaps. We are ready for our opportunities to Change the World to go to a whole new level!