Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sometimes I look forward to life when everything is predictable, if not boring. Right now there's so much going on with Crossroads, and it's all new.

We are working on purchasing a "new" building. It's something new for Crossroads, because we have never owned real estate. In fact, I had thought that we would never own real estate. That might work in some cities, but in Stokesdale, you can't find assembly space for rent. We were blessed to find the Long House in 2002, and we have gathered there every week since April 2003.

But we have grown, and our needs have changed. We found a building for sale in Stokesdale, which we are trying to purchase. There are lots of variables, and lots of stuff to work out.

The whole process, though, is taking our folks to new levels of service and commitment. People are enthusiastically serving the kingdom of God as we rise to this challenge.

It feels like a swirling mass of uncertainty to me, but I know that God is in control. He quiets my soul when I get troubled.

For him, it's all so simple. We make things complicated.