Saturday, January 9, 2010


When I was in graduate school, newly married, a friend called me to invite us to come play Rook on a Friday night.  I wondered Why?  Why me?  Why play cards?  What's the point?

I was perfectly content to sit at home in our cozy apartment and read or watch our 13-inch b/w TV.  It was a lot of trouble to get up and go somewhere.  (This was long before having children, so I had no idea what real inconvenience was all about.)

I could not think of any real reason not to go play cards, so we went.  I really needed to go, but I didn't know it.

Life seems OK without friends, but God wants us to have a much richer experience.  He wants us to connect.  He wants us to know other people and be known by them.  Friends help us become more like Christ.  They encourage us, challenge us, correct us.  They build our capacity for joy.

Friends help you when your car breaks down or your family breaks up.  They are there to say the hard things.  They know your heart, and ignore it when you act like a jerk.

Because of all this, friends are fun.  They add real depth to your life.  Ideally, our friendships show God's love to the world around us.  People see our friendships and understand that being loved is a gift that comes from Him. 

Life is all about relationships.