Thursday, January 7, 2010


Over the weekend I noticed a new green light on my cable TV box.  Being new to cable TV anyway, I wasn't sure what the light meant.  The label on the box said "bypass."  OK, my bypass is on.  It didn't hurt though.  I mean, the cable picture still worked fine.

I did the online chat with a "technician."  Yeah, right.  After I waited my 20 min in the queue, I got the technical advice to unplug the box and plug it back in.  Actually I did not think of that (shame on me), but it didn't work anyway.  The chat guy told me that I needed a service call, which he promptly set up for me.

The tech guy shows up on Wednesday, and with two presses of the remote turns off the bypass light.  It would not have caused me a problem b/c it has to do with a feature we don't have.  Then he fixed problems I was not aware of.  He set the picture to fill up my widescreen set.  He adjusted the volume with the box, so that I would not need to turn the TV up to 65 to hear the show.  And he adjusted the picture from 780p to 1080p, so that I could really get the full benefit of the HD signal. 

"You really needed a service call, and you didn't know it," he said.  Wow.  This guy knew his stuff, and he fixed problems that I didn't know I had.  It should really improve the TV experience.

I wonder how many things God wants to tweak in my life, just so that I can fully experience him.