Monday, February 8, 2010

Plans can change...

After an entire weekend without power at my house, I am learning a few things.  First, I can't count on things always working out like I plan.  Even the best laid plans are subject  In James 4, we see that we have to acknowledge that our ideas for the future are also subject to God's will.  That's why we throw around the phrase, "Lord willing..."  We know that something can happen to change our plans.

I also learned that communication is different than it used to be.  I was w/o power from 4:15 Friday afternoon until about 6:30 last night.  We had watched the first half of the Super Bowl at the home of some friends, and got back to an electrified home (YES!), but we had no cable.  I had to listen to the second half on an AM radio.

Worse than that, I could not check email or even use our digital phone.  Good thing we have cell phones.  When we got up this morning the cable was working too.  Finally.  Of course, with an appt in GSO first thing this morning, I did not have time to get connected right away.

I would have thought that a weekend away from digital communication would not be such a big deal.  It's probably not.  It just feels weird.