Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Amazing Help

We have been putting the not-quite-final touches on Connection Point this week.  We are very excited about having our first worship celebration there this Sunday.  Everyone has shown up to help with the process.

Last Sunday it was amazing to watch as we took down and packed up all our stuff from the Longhouse.  I don't think anyone left without helping in some way.  Even without anyone calling the shots, every piece of furniture and every piece of hardware was quickly loaded on trucks and trailers.  Then the building got clean.  I'm not even sure who did it.  It happened so fast, probably while I was in the crawl space untangling cables.

The same crew came to Connection Point, not just to deliver, but to work.  We got the construction dust thoroughly removed, installed some ceiling tiles and began to organize our stuff in our new space.

This week I have seen lots of people at CP, doing whatever needs to be done.  It is amazing help, and I really believe it is inspired by the Holy Spirit.

It will be exciting to celebrate the Resurrection this Sunday!