Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Worship, Nurture, Work

The Radical Life Process, as I call it, describes the way that God develops us, from the inside out.  I see the process working in three concentric spheres.  At the core, we Center on God.  In the middle layer, we Connect in Relationship.  On the outer layer, we Change the World.  I see this process throughout the scripture, as the way God matures us and makes us like Jesus.  I plan to write a book someday.  (Don't laugh.)

As I keep developing this model, God continues to give me new insights. 

At the Center layer, our focus is on Worship.  We get to know God, and we get to know ourselves in relationship to him.  That's what worship is.

At the Connection layer, our focus is on Nurture.  We develop integrity as we nurture our souls.  We deepen community as we nurture our relationships with others.

At the Change the World layer, our focus is on Work.  We engage life as we pursue our life's work.  That work may be a job or career, but that work may be something else we feel passionate about.  We pursue the thing that God has created us to do.  Then we live radically, as all the layers of our lives line up.  We live in the power of the Spirit of God to accomplish that work he has for us.  We give him glory, he gives us complete joy.

That's real living.