Thursday, March 14, 2013

Finding Your Voice

Blogger and platform guru Michael Hyatt offers advice on creating your own presence on the web.  Find your voice.  Just start writing.  Start delivering.  You soon learn what you love to write about.

There’s only one way to find your voice:  use it.  I, for one, love to write, and I constantly think of things to write about.  I just have a hard time making it happen.  Writing is rarely urgent, so other responsibilities tend to crowd it out.  Deadlines help.  They remind me that inspiration is optional.  I have to produce.  Some of the world’s best writers tell about the hours they dedicate to writing.  They treat writing like a job.  They sit down and make it happen.

I love writing when it flows.  Other times it feels like a chore, but something I just have to do.  Like anything worthwhile, writing takes work.  Through writing, I can find my voice.  Time will tell if I have something to say.