Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pushed to the Limit

Humanity looks like a giant experiment.

History reveals a pattern of pushing the limits.  Humanity pushes the limits, and eventually we see the results. 

We push the limits of production and we get the industrial revolution.  We get less expensive, uniformly produced items of all varieties.

In sports, we move from friendly competition to professional athletes whose job it is to perfect bodily movements with greater strength, endurance, speed and agility.  Then we get stress fractures, steroid abuse, and millions of onlookers who spend billions of dollars.

In exploration, we have found virtually all there is to find on the globe, and we can see high resolution images of virtually every spot on the planet.

We push time to the limit.  We think that we can live with little sleep.  Always busy, always on, always accessible.

We experiment with technology now.  What is it like to be constantly connected to potential interruptions?  What does that do to our minds?  To our souls?

What would happen if we pushed faith to the limit?