Thursday, May 8, 2014

Power, Depths, and Despair

I have been seeking to live in the power of Jesus.  He is full of power, more power than we can imagine.  Being with him through prayer, I can open my eyes to his power all around me.  I walked through the grocery store a couple of days ago, realizing that his power was flowing through me.  I have no idea how he used his power through me there, but I was tuned in spiritually.  That's how I want to live every day.

As I dive deeper into Jesus and come ever closer to his heart, I realize that I am also becoming a bigger target for the enemy to mess with.  It's like a secret agent:  the more you penetrate the enemy's organization, the more you have to watch out.

So, the enemy tries to frustrate me, make me fearful, and discourage me.  The more I dive into Jesus, the more of his power I experience and the more the enemy wants to take me out.  That means that I need to spend even more time in prayer to keep my mind tuned in to the truth.

I can count it all joy when I feel discouraged, because it drives me to Jesus, and he reveals the truth to me.  I become stronger and more alive in him.  It's getting dangerous and rewarding.