Wednesday, April 23, 2014

New Daily Habits

Yes, it can be done.  I can start new habits.  And, I can stick with them.  Hope I did not just jinx it.

Since last November our church has been praying for every person in our fellowship by name every day.  We have a team of about a dozen folks who pray daily.  I pray for about one-seventh of our congregation every day.  Have kept up with it fairly well.  I have only missed a few days, so this has now become a daily habit.

When I began my sabbatical on January 1, I committed to journal every day.  Even if I only write a line or two in my journal, I have written something every day.  When my sabbatical ended in March, I continued to write every day, and I have not missed a day all year.

So, it looks like I can actually start a new habit.  Now I need to tackle serious writing.  Maybe I can write something every day on one of my blogs.  I just don't want to publish junk.