Saturday, January 3, 2015

Perception vs. Reality

When I was in college, a friend referred to me as a man of prayer.  That sounded so impressive, I have held onto it for decades.  I like being called a man of prayer.

And so I have found myself spending time in prayer so that I can live up to that description.  I want to be known as a man of prayer.  But I see now that there little value in being known as a pray-er.  Spending time on my knees does not really make me a pray-er any more than spending time the kitchen makes me a chef.  I'm only a chef if I can prepare good food to eat.

I'm only a pray-er if I can see God at work through my prayers.  I can only see God answer my prayers if I am specific in what I ask.  I can only see God do great things through prayer, if I ask him to do great things.

I'm not so much interested in the reputation any more.  I would rather see God's glory revealed in his power, as I ask him to do amazing things.  That takes guts.  It also takes a deeper relationship with him, so that I can know what amazing things to ask.

In all this, Jesus is drawing me closer to him.  That's much better than flattery from my friends.