Thursday, January 1, 2015

Prayer Issues

As I plan to get serious with prayer this year, I have some issues. 

Prayer system.  I have used notebooks, cards, and electronic devices to prompt me in prayer.  I have also used pure memory.  Today I got out my prayer index cards again, primarily because of issue no. 2.

Distractions.  I realize more and more the profound distraction of all things electronic.  Using my phone or computer to display my prayer list can be dangerous.  But I don't even need a screen to get distracted.  My mind constantly wanders.  The prayer system can be a great reminder of the task at hand.

Time.  I know that I need specific, dedicated time to prayer.  Somehow I let prayer time get relegated to leftovers.  Real praying takes more than leftovers. 

Substance.  I need to get real with God.  I need to praise him with abandon.  I need to ask him for serious intervention.  If he is to show his glory in my life, I need to ask boldly.  Jesus repeatedly urges us to ask the Father.  So rarely do I make a big ask.  No wonder I don't see more breakthroughs in prayer.

Jesus really wants to impact this world with his goodness.  I want to cooperate on my knees before him.