Friday, April 3, 2015

A Good Friday to Uganda

Today our mission team is leaving for Uganda to work with The Mighty River Project.  On Good Friday, Jesus laid down his life.  He gave us life as he died for our sins.  His was the ultimate sacrifice.

As we leave for Uganda, I think our team feels more privileged than sacrificial.  How God has blessed us with this opportunity of a lifetime!  We will make new friends, experience worship in a Ugandan church on Easter Sunday, help locals as they begin construction of a kitchen, paint a few rooms, visit with orphans, and witness the work of God in this unfamiliar culture.

We have so much we can learn from them.  We trust God that they can also benefit from our visit.

I am looking forward to meeting Erina, the single mom that my family sponsors.  She and seven other single moms work to produce crafts that The Mighty River Project ships to the U.S. for sale. I hope that our friendship with these folks in Uganda will pave the way for God to transform more and more lives there and here!