Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Disappearing Spider Webs

I enjoy sitting by the creek, reading, praying, planning, relaxing. Recently I spent several hours there, and noticed something about the early morning sunlight. As the light filtered through the trees, I could see spider webs illuminated, easily seen, spiders in the center, ready to process a meal. How could an insect not see those webs?

As the sun continued to rise, however, those webs vanished. Other webs appeared. With light on them, the webs gleamed. Without direct light on them, the webs faded into branches. One moment a web cried out, "Here I am!" The next moment, it retreated in silent hiding, as though it never existed.

The light of life shines on us in different ways at different times. Some ideas seem so obvious to younger people. In their early years, my daughters vowed that they would never say to a child, "My how you have grown!" It was so clear to them that such an annoying comment could never be appropriate in polite conversation. As life's light shifted through the years, they saw things differently. Of course.

What is so obvious to me may be invisible to another. What is so obvious to another may be invisible to me. Just because I can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. In time the light will shine just right, and I will see it. And they will see it.

Patience. Give me some patience. I'll be patient with you. The light will shine just right.