Saturday, March 19, 2016

Defiance in Faith

Last Sunday I spoke about Daniel in the lion's den, in Daniel 6.  Daniel defied the law designed to trap him, the law against praying to any man or God but king Darius.  Daniel had a high level government job, and his rivals conspired to trap Daniel and have him executed. 

Daniel continued his normal routine, praying to the true God three times daily in front of a window in his home.  He defied the law by praying.

But any prayer is defiance.  It defies the systems of this world.  Consider:
  • The world says, “produce,” but prayer looks unproductive.
  • The world says, “Look powerful,” but prayer admits powerlessness.
  • The world says, “Take charge,” but prayer surrenders control.
  • The world loves a show, but prayer looks dull, boring, uneventful.
  • The world says, “Do the best you can,” but prayer seeks the impossible.
  • The world says, “Work the system,” but prayer denies ultimate human authority.
If you choose defiance in prayer, here's what you can expect:
  • If you pray, you are defying this world’s system.  It will cost you.
  • If you pray, you will have to repent.
  • If you pray, you will take on the heart of God.
  • If you pray, you help bring his kingdom.