Thursday, October 4, 2018

What I like about Fall

I like all the seasons. I like it hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and in between in the fall and spring. I feel gypped if winter goes right into summer, or if summer lingers so long that you need air conditioning at Thanksgiving.

It's been too hot here for October, so this blog post is an effort to hurry autumn along. These are the things I like about fall.
  • Stew--The cooking, the eating.
  • Harvesting--I've actually got a few grape tomatoes still ripening.
  • Cooler temperatures--duh
  • Crisp, night skies--The stars shine brighter in the fall, it seems.
  • Going to the Blue Ridge Parkway--I don't always make it in the fall, but it's a great time to go.
  • Fires in the chimenea--I love to sit around the fire and listen.
  • Driving through falling leaves--It gives me such a charge to drive along, cutting a path through the drifting leaves.
  • Apples--Fall is the season for apples, and we have some great ones here in NC.