Friday, January 11, 2019

What New Year's Resolutions Say About Us

We have 10 days of 2019 in the books now. Some of us have already given up on our resolutions. Some of us gave up on resolutions years ago, resolving not to make them anymore.

You can give up on resolutions, and you can just give up.

There's probably a psychological term for those who give up on life. Maybe it's depression. But for most people, giving up is not an option. Even if they give up on New Year's resolutions, they don't give up on pursuing change.

New Year's resolutions tell us so much:
We believe we can do better.
We long for something more.
We are willing to work for a better future.
We can do more with this thing called life.
We can make a difference in the world.
We can put our gifts and abilities to work.
We can contribute to humanity.
There is always room for improvement.
We have not arrived.

Whether you have made, broken, or forsaken resolutions, don't give up hope.