Wednesday, December 23, 2009


I went with my family and some friends to see Blindside today. It was an incredible story, very well told. I cried through almost the whole thing.

Even now, as I think about the story, it brings tears to my eyes.  I think it has affected me so much because I know there are people in my sphere of life who just need a little love. It's like Linus putting his blanket around Charlie Brown's tree.

After the movie I had to run a few errands.  Walking through the shopping center, I found myself looking at strangers differently.  They all have a story.  I wonder how many of them just need to be loved.

Tonight my family got with a few other Crossroads families to help out a neighbor in need.  The man is neighbor to one of our church folks.  He has grown children, including a son-in-law dying of cancer.  He is separated from his wife and has no one at home with him.  While he was away for the evening, we put up a Christmas tree for him and left him some gifts.  All of our kids helped with the process.

We prayed for God to reveal his love to this man.  God has so much love to share.  I want his love to overflow through me to touch hearts deeply, in a way that transforms their souls.

His love keeps on transforming me.  I need a tissue...