Saturday, December 5, 2009


I learned some tricks about brainstorming in Getting Things Done.  I actually used the idea of "mind-mapping" to think through a project.  This process helped me come up with some ideas I had never considered.  That part has worked for me.

The author of GTD also describes the "natural planning process," which moves the planner through five steps: 
1. Defining purpose and principles
2. Outcome visioning
3. Brainstorming (as I mentioned above)
4. Organizing
5. Identifying next actions

These steps naturally occur, he says, as you plan out anything -- from an evening at the movies to a building project.  When we bypass this process, we just get bogged down.  Sounds plausible to me.

I still haven't put the whole picture together, but I'm still reading.  So far, it seems like stuff that I can really implement.

My family got our Christmas tree put up today, and I guess we went through the natural planning process, even if I didn't notice it.  I had a great time remembering the ornaments and old times.  I tried to worship some in the process, too.  Go Jesus!