Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fun Neighbors, Fun Town

Last year our neighbors began a tradition of a progressive dinner at Christmastime.  Although our house was not complete last year, we were invited to the celebration, and thoroughly enjoyed meeting our soon-to-be neighbors. 

This year we have more neighbors, as more homes have been built on our street.  Tonight we just walked out our front door to enjoy the time of visiting dining with everyone.

I have to say that I truly feel blessed to have these neighbors.  They are fun to be with, have interesting stories, and most seem to have a good sense of humor.

Today's dinner came just after our Stokesdale Christmas Parade.  Tons of folks from Crossroads came to help set up our stage, plug up the sound, play music, give away coffee and snacks.  It was a huge effort, and a whole lot of fun.  The band always has a great time playing together, and it was exciting to have an outdoor audience.  We had lots more people listening this year, and I think this is the biggest crowd ever for our parade.  I would say that probably 2000-2500 people lined the streets.

The sound set up was better than ever, and our announcers could easily be heard way down the street.  They add a lot to the parade, and I think everyone likes to hear their comments. 

Since we are such a small town, everyone knows somebody in the parade.  We get to cheer for our friends as they parade by.

Our community is such a great place.  I thank God often that I live here.  And now, I'm also glad to be living in my neighborhood.  God has really blessed me and my family.