Thursday, December 10, 2009


I heard this wseek that a committee in congress has taken up the issue of NCAA football playoffs.  The BCS system doesn't seem to be working so well at determining a genuine college football champion.  So, if there's a problem, then congress has to do something about it, right?

I'm not opposed to congress considering this because there are more important things to do.  I'm opposed to congress considering this because it is none of the government's business.  As far as I know, the NCAA is a private, non-government entity.  The way they run their business is their business. 

If another group wants to organize college sports with a football playoff system, then the free market allows them to do so.  Where does the Constitution give congress anything approaching a responsibility to speak about such issues.  I imagine the Founders would consider this kind of legislation a practical joke.

Yes, we are spending our country into oblivion, but while we do so, we could at least have the satisfaction of knowing who the REAL college football champs are.