Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Not So Hot

The debate over global warming or "climate change," is getting interesting now. Most people have now gotten on board with reducing carbon footprints and saving the planet.  But those adjustments might be a waste of time and effort. 

Now we have learned that scientists have disposed of records of world temperatures, the raw data used to create the current theory of global warming.  These records were the readings gathered around the world, recorded on paper or magnetic tape.  The scientists took these reading and adjusted them to account for variables in the way they were collected.  The adjusted data were kept, but the raw data were disposed of when the science lab was moved to another building. 

This matters because other scientists cannot double-check the findings of the first scientists.  That leaves us in a place of having to take their word for it.  And that is extremely unscientific. 

The scientific method requires that results from experiments be reproducible.  In this case, someone else must be able to analyze the data and come to the same conclusions.  Now that can't happen.  The foundational evidence for the hypothesis has be discarded, and the basis for the theory of global warming is gone.

To make matters worse, some in the scientific community have the appearance of black-balling scientists who give credence to evidence not supporting the global warming theories.  Again, not good science.  Science should not be about who/what you agree with, but about the data's relationship to a given hypothesis -- whether for or against it.

Good science is about discovering truth, not scouting about for evidence to support one's theory.