Friday, September 25, 2009

Praying it up

We continue to wait for some pieces of the puzzle to fall into place as we seek to purchase a building. God has led us to this point. But it is nerve-wracking.

It helps me to chill out, realizing that God has everything under control. If he doesn't want this deal to work out, then he has something better for us. I don't know what it could be, but then 6 weeks ago I knew nothing about this new building. That's how God operates. He's constantly at work behinds the scenes. He pulls out surprises.

He will not forget us. He calls us to himself, to trust in him, to pray.

Meanwhile, he is mightily at work in the people of Crossroads. It's a win all the way around.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Quantum Faith

God takes our faith to new levels. Usually it happens in leaps. That's where we are at Crossroads. As God leads us to find new meeting space, we are suddenly looking at purchasing a building. We have to take our commitment to new levels.

Lots of people are stepping up with the effort already. People are dreaming about the possibilities, planning how to give, organizing fund raising events, offering to do construction work. This process is a fantastic opportunity to trust Jesus. He tells us to ask him for anything for his kingdom, and he will do it.

Maybe it would be more comfortable if our faith could grow gradually. But so often God thrusts us into new territory. And we just have to rise to the occasion. His Spirit gives us the power we need.

Our faith is taking Quantum leaps. We are ready for our opportunities to Change the World to go to a whole new level!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Stretching the Band

We, the Crossroads Praise Band, were supposed to give an outdoor concert today, but the event was canceled because of all the rain. Actually, to call it a concert is a bit of a stretch -- we were to be the band at the Wells Fargo Employee Day in downtown Winston-Salem. We were to have two 45 minute music sets, and play while the employees had fun with their families.

We had a great time learning some new songs. Wells Fargo had asked for a country theme, so we had to learn some fittin' songs. Although I'm not a big country music fan, these songs were lots of fun to learn and play. The vocal harmonies are easy to pick up. And of course the chord structure is easy.

So, we worked hard, learned some new songs, had fun, and didn't get to play. Now we are just looking for a place to do these new songs. We got stretched, and that's good.

Maybe we can play at the Crossroads Silent Auction, coming soon.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Sometimes I look forward to life when everything is predictable, if not boring. Right now there's so much going on with Crossroads, and it's all new.

We are working on purchasing a "new" building. It's something new for Crossroads, because we have never owned real estate. In fact, I had thought that we would never own real estate. That might work in some cities, but in Stokesdale, you can't find assembly space for rent. We were blessed to find the Long House in 2002, and we have gathered there every week since April 2003.

But we have grown, and our needs have changed. We found a building for sale in Stokesdale, which we are trying to purchase. There are lots of variables, and lots of stuff to work out.

The whole process, though, is taking our folks to new levels of service and commitment. People are enthusiastically serving the kingdom of God as we rise to this challenge.

It feels like a swirling mass of uncertainty to me, but I know that God is in control. He quiets my soul when I get troubled.

For him, it's all so simple. We make things complicated.