Friday, March 13, 2020

Social Distancing

They might be contagious. I might be contagious.
No handshakes. No high fives. Certainly no hugs.
No toilet paper. Really?
No one would believe this movie script.
The memes were funny. Now they are unsettling.
It doesn't make sense. It can't happen like this. Not here.

Trapped. Checking the news.
Making decisions. Planning for undoing plans.
It's like a snow day without the promise of melt.
Normal is gone.
Forever? No one knows.

Priorities changed.
We give up sports, concerts, conferences.
No Disney? No Broadway?
How long? How long, O Lord?
A germ does what hijacked planes cannot.
Our never-stop culture stops. It has to.
Can we see what matters now?

Community health trumps personal health.
Is this enough? Will it make a difference?
There is no routine now.
There is hope, but it's hard to see from here.
Maybe it's faith.
Can we believe in God's goodness?