Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Life in Christmas

The Advent Conspiracy has breathed life back into Christmas for me. I have long fought against the pressure to buy gifts just because you do. In fact, I have considered pushing for gift giving at Thanksgiving.  That way people can still give gifts if they want to, and Christmas can come back to worship of Jesus.

Now I resonate with the whole idea that giving at Christmas can change the world. Gifts can be meaningful in a whole new way.  Rather than giving friends the perfect gift, we can give to someone truly in need.  We can donate to Living Water or World Vision or International Justice Mission or a local ministry.

I long to see the world anticipate Christmas as the time when the followers of Jesus make the world a better place. Jesus is changing the world as he changes the hearts of his people. We don't need more stuff ourselves.  We need to share with others around the world.

So, as we did last year, Lisa and I are giving goats and chickens and clean water this Christmas.  We'll be giving in honor of family and friends, people who don't need more stuff.

And with our church Christmas offering, we will be supporting Living Water and Good Samaritan Ministries of Stokesdale.  Jesus is changing the world.  I want to be part of that movement.