Sunday, August 7, 2011

Adoption Sunday

On our Hope Sunday in May, we encouraged people in our church to consider sponsoring a child through World Vision.  It was such a great success -- with nine new children sponsored -- that we decided to have an Adoption Sunday.

This Sunday, August 14 we will hear stories about adoption from adopting parents, children who were adopted, and siblings of adopted children.  We want to see first hand how adoption changes lives and shows the love of Christ.

Adoption really reflects God's love, because only through adoption can people have a relationship with him! 

Our goal is not to have every family commit to adopt a child.  Rather, we want to encourage everyone to see how important adoption is to God.  After all, every person is created in the image of God and needs a loving family.  We hope that everyone will have a greater heart for adoption.  We hope that they will decide to pray for children to be adopted, to help adopting families, to support adoption agencies, to support orphanages, to consider foster parenting, or to sponsor a child on another continent.

And maybe some families will hear God calling them to adopt.